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Running Linux CMD in Windows - the webpack Case

So I am learning now that consistency is key: I was working on a Single Page Application (SPA)  project in windows, but running the tooling (npm, webpack, etc.) from WSL, just because I think the Linux native commands work better from Linux.

Well, it turns out there are larger differences than I thought: In this particular case, I ran npm install from WSL, which in turn created the node_modules dir, and populated all my dependencies. So far so good. no weird errors or anyting, I tried before to run it from PowerShell and I got permission issues.

The bigger problem appeared when I tried to run my project from Visual Studio. I am not certain what commands are run when in VS that trigger the webpack process, and that webpack process failed miserably on my application. I started debugging and I found out I was not even able to run the webpack command from windows CMD!.

It turns out that depending on the environment you are, the files created are registered in different ways in the node_mo…

Running Linux CMD in Windows - the RipGrep Case

Not a new thing, lots of posts there about it.. I have been trying to get it to a nice point, and I think I have been able to.
I installed a new CMD client that actually works better than the one OOB.

Go to  to get it. It allows changing the default font, which is necessary if you want to run the cool Oh My ZSH extension, on the zsh shell.

Now, I installed Angular CLI, Docker CLI, GIT, and I am in a better place.

Recently I needed to use RipGrep on my shell, so I tried the mythical apt-get, with no luck. I Went online to find another way to do it, and the installation notes on RipGrep tell you to install using snappy (for Linux). That didn't work either. Snappy is not functional in WSL ­čśľ.

However, the Debian install did work! so I ran the commands stated for Debian :

$ curl -LO$ sudo dpkg -i ripgrep_0.8.1_amd64.deb
That allowed me to run rg from my CMD!