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Firefox add-ins I use

I love the customization FF can give you!! I have a lot of add-ons installed, preety useful for all my work and browsing time:
All in one gestures :
Lets you have mouse gestures to control your browser
erases all browsing info from a session (useful when browsing in sites that can install sw in your machine)
Developer toolbar... lets you analyze your HTML and http traffic
DL manager, I use it with FlashGet to manage my dls, it even let you DL Toutube moveies!!!
Google Gears:
With this addon I can work Google docs, Gmail, Calendar offline!!
Google Toolbar:
the classic one!
IE Tab:
Lets you open a page in FF using the engine of IE.MileWideBack:
allows you to navigate and close tabs using the left margin of your browser.
capture screenshots of your pages
shows you all open tabs in a vertical toolbar, showing a thumbnail of the page. you can even browse back and foth without having to switch to that tab.
Web Developer Toolbar:
Lots of goodies for We…

My WinVista looks like a Mac :)

Hi. In Dec/january, working with Zemoga, I got a Mac. I loved the OSX. hated not having right-clic on the trackpad, the different keys for common Office tasks, different default behaviours, but it was a nice experience.

I prefer Win though, and since XP is so nineties, I upgraded to Vista busoiness 64 bit.

In order to be more Mac-alike, I found some tools very nice:


It emulates MacOSX toolbar very well..... I like it, and I'll like it more when it supports X64 OS

This tool makes switching application just like in Mac. small thumbnails of all your windows, and you sleect the one yo like....

with these apps, I feel I have a Next-get OS UI!!!
Let's see what Win7 can add to this....