Firefox add-ins I use

I love the customization FF can give you!! I have a lot of add-ons installed, preety useful for all my work and browsing time:
  1. All in one gestures :
    Lets you have mouse gestures to control your browser
  2. Distrust:
    erases all browsing info from a session (useful when browsing in sites that can install sw in your machine)
  3. Firebug:
    Developer toolbar... lets you analyze your HTML and http traffic
  4. FlashGot:
    DL manager, I use it with FlashGet to manage my dls, it even let you DL Toutube moveies!!!
  5. Google Gears:
    With this addon I can work Google docs, Gmail, Calendar offline!!
  6. Google Toolbar:
    the classic one!
  7. IE Tab:
    Lets you open a page in FF using the engine of IE.
  8. MileWideBack:
    allows you to navigate and close tabs using the left margin of your browser.
  9. ScreenGrab:
    capture screenshots of your pages
  10. TabSidebar:
    shows you all open tabs in a vertical toolbar, showing a thumbnail of the page. you can even browse back and foth without having to switch to that tab.
  11. Web Developer Toolbar:
    Lots of goodies for Web Develoopers/designers
If you know other goood addons, please comment!


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